About Us

Founded by trail blazing duo, Lex and Dumo, AU Vodka embodies the endless opportunity and magic of the city of gold. Inspired by the rich culture and ambition that flows through the ever vibrant street of Johannesburg, every bottle is an ode to how the city inspires greatness and is a representation of pure black excellence- The courage to set a golden standard

The first black owned distillery of it’s time – The Au Gold Distillery, is nestled in the heart of industrial Jozi, made unique by an extraordinary and intricate production process carried out with the most care at every turn by distillers. This one of a kind process produces a revolutionary vodka drink quite possibly worth its weight in gold.

AU Gold Distillery finally opened its doors in early 2016 and the first bottled batch was born and set free to flow in the golden sun of that Spring. The people spoke and AU Vodka stood victorious. Today the company focuses primarily on brand development, management and communication, with its administrative offices housed in the former production facility – The Au Gold Distillery, to preserve its history and culture.

Our mission is to add a touch of gold to your special moments whilst marketing a vodka drink that inspires excellence and gives meaning to the culture of toasting and celebration.

Made for the ones who are fearless go getters, game changers and unapologetically free-constantly climbing, AU Gold is not only to be enjoyed once you have arrived but also celebrates the courage to begin,the commitment to persevere and the will to succeed – a toast to life’s every golden moment.